"Live Great Stories" Gallery

There is no better way to preserve significant memories than through photos and videos.

Our job was to create a sleek and seamless platform for users to share their stories with Great Eastern. The result was a stunning repository of users’ healthy lifestyle images that truly reflected the “Live Great” brand philosophy.



To create a platform that offers a similar user experience for every “Live Great Stories” contest. Whether its submitting photos and videos via mobile phone, tablet or home computer, the user experience is simple and seamless.


We developed a UI with a combination of semi-responsive desktop and mobile layouts to achieve an optimal user experience across different devices. A CMS platform is developed to facilitate easy creation of new contests and updating of content. Extensive backend tracking is incorporated for data and trend analysis.


  • Responsive Design
  • Customised CMS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • JQuery

We are a mobile bunch, especially when it comes to taking and uploading photos.

With this in mind, we kickstarted our content and navigation planning from the perspective of the mobile user. Mobile wireframes were then constructed to serve as a grid for the final interface design to achieve this seamless user experience.

The "Live Great Stories" gallery is a result of functional design to achieve an optimum user experience. Users can participate at home or on-the-go with photo submitting and sharing made easy. Clients took away an effective photo contest portal that can be adapted for subsequent contests while garnering useful data. We successfully delivered:

For consumers:

  • A user-friendly photo contest portal that is optimised for access across devices.
  • A familiar interface and user journey for repeat participation in future contest.

For clients:

  • A photo portal that is adaptable to subsequent runs of contests.
  • A localised contest platform for other markets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and growing.
  • A database of meaningful user insights and lifestyle trends, garnered through user-generated content.